5 Steps to Choosing the Right Forklift Truck for Your Business

The right investments should always be thoroughly analyzed. Especially when it comes to business.

Choosing the right forklift truck affects various aspects like, operation costs, productivity, employee morale, and stock management.

There is a vast range of forklifts, and each one is designed for different purposes. That’s why the forklift selection process can be tedious. Factors like work environment, shifts, and types of product or loads handled impact the lift truck you use.

Fret not! We have the perfect roadmap on how to choose the right forklift truck for your business.

Hyster Big Truck

1. Environment

Your business environment directly influences the type of forklift you should choose. Consider the floor surface and conditions the forklift will be working in:

-Smooth or rough surfaces?

-Inside, outdoors, or both?

-How many hours per day will the forklift be used?

The Hyster big truck is an ideal pick as it offers all-around performance that meets your needs.

2. Load Size / Capacity

It would be a big mistake to choose a forklift with a lift capacity below your requirements. It is crucial to consider:

-What stock will the forklift handle?

-What is your average load weight?

-What is the heaviest load you need to lift?

-What is the width of your loads?

The type of load also matters as there are specific forklift attachments that can enhance a standard forklift. It helps you move the load more efficiently.

3. Height

Like maximum load, you should ensure that you choose a forklift that will meet your height restrictions.

– What is your typical lift height?

-What is the highest point the forklift needs to reach?

-Are there any height restrictions to consider? (Example: ceiling beams or low hanging lights).

-You must also consider the collapsed height of the mast if you require the forklift to move underneath a fixed height structure. (Example: a garage or container door).

Additionally, check your warehouse height and aisle width requirements, as this will assist you in finding the correct unit. Choosing a Hyster big truck can meet all your needs.

4. Fuel type

There are three types of fuel options for forklift trucks – electric, gas, or diesel.

Forklifts may cost more initially, but you will reap the rewards over time as they have a longer life span and cheaper consumption compared to other types of forklifts. They also operate very quietly and produce no emissions. Therefore, they are highly recommended for working indoors or in a cold climate.

Gas or diesel forklifts can lift much bigger loads and move faster and more efficiently. Hence, you should buy them if you need a forklift for heavy lifting or outdoors.

5. Tyre selection

There are various types of tires available for forklifts. The most common are solid or pneumatic. There are also white non-marking tires and cushioned tires – each with their specific use and suited to certain environments.

Choosing the right tires will impact your forklift’s handling and safety.

Hyster Big Truck

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